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Did jesus go to hell john macarthur

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In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. The Ultimate Triumph 1 Corinthians A Good Man or a Deceiver? John 7: The Light of the World John 8: John 8:
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Does the Bible Tell Us Where Jesus Was the Three Days Between His Death and Resurrection?

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The Truth About Hell

W hen Jesus died, did He immediately go to heaven? Did He descend into hell to free those held captive by sin? Was He in a state of limbo, purgatory, or in hell? He was sinless and death are the wages of sin Rom 6: Death cannot truly occur to a Spirit Being, like Jesus was and is God. The interesting thing here is that Peter writes that Christ made a proclamation to the imprisoned spirits.
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Will 'Gay Christians' Go to Heaven? Pastor John MacArthur Answers

Here's a brief explanation why. John MacArthur routinely preaches a sermon more than once on the same date, during different worship services at Grace Community Church. Normally, for a given sermon title, our website features the audio and video that were recorded during the same worship service. Very occasionally, though, we will post the audio from one service and the video from another. Such was the case for the sermon titled "Losing Your Life to Save it," the transcript of which follows below.
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According to such skeptical reasoning, He merely fainted into a semi-coma on the cross, was revived in the coolness of the tomb, unwrapped Himself, and walked out. To hasten the deaths of the two thieves at Calvary crucified on either side of Christ, the Roman executioners broke their legs John Crucifixion victims postponed their deaths as long as possible by pushing themselves up on their legs, which allowed them to gasp for another breath. Confirming that reality, one of them pierced His side with a spear, causing blood and water to flow out, a physiological sign He was certainly dead His eternal spirit has always been alive, although His earthly body was then dead; but three days later His body was resurrected in a transformed and eternal state.

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