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Do ex girlfriends always come back

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Either that, or you have watched your friends get back together with an ex-girlfriend over and over again. While relationships can sometimes survive a break up, it is less likely that the relationship will remain strong. There are always going to be hurt feelings and pain because of the break up. In addition, many of the problems that led to the break up will still remain. Now, you want to know why she keeps coming back and what it really means. There are a number of reasons why ex-girlfriends always seem to come back.
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Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

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Why Do Exes Always Come Back?14 Reasons Here - EnkiRelations

When they come back, starved and eager for validation, you will have likely gone through the 5 stages of a breakup for the dumpee and feel very relieved your mental suffering is finally over. Your brain will be telling you to step away from that which caused you emotional anguish and advise you to prepare for better opportunities. Instead, you will develop a strong reliance on yourself for your own happiness, and not on your ex. If you choose to move on, your ex will become a thing in the past.
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Do Ex Girlfriends Always Come Back?

Unless you cheated or abused your ex in a horrible way, you will most likely hear from your ex in the future. Regardless of whether your ex comes back or not, you should start moving on from the moment the breakup occurs. I know it sounds easier than it is.
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To help you understand how it happens and why, here are 3 stories of ex girlfriends coming back to their boyfriend. In the beginning, it was fun because it was a new relationship and they were kissing, having sex and getting to know each other. Yet, over time, she began to notice that rather than building on her feelings for him by continuing to display the kind of behavior that she found attractive , he started behaving in unattractive ways, which then caused her feelings for him to erode. Is it possible for him to change, or is he more likely to remain stuck behaving in those ways and maybe even get worse? She was hoping that he would realize that the relationship was beginning to fall apart and then do something to re-attract her, before it was too late.

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