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How do narcissists treat old supply

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As one narcissistic client told me: They are like hamburgers or tissues. I need them for what they do for me, not because I like them for themselves. Here are some common types and how they react after they have discarded someone. When they become disenchanted with one person in the group, they immediately move on to the next. Eventually, everyone disappoints them and the first person starts to look appealing again, and they reach out to her again for connection.
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Whether a narcissist decides to cut someone out of their life depends on 3 basic factors

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4 Reasons Why Narcissists Often "Recycle" Their Partners | Psychology Today

Verified by Psychology Today. Understanding Narcissism. What they have in common is that they tend to cycle through the same set of lovers over and over again. Unlike many narcissists, people with this love pattern tend to avoid confrontation, and value being with someone predictable over the novelty of a new conquest. Over time, they assemble a collection of undemanding lovers who are willing to take them back repeatedly. If no one drops out, this pattern can go on indefinitely.
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How Do Narcissists Treat Old Supply

When the narcissist dances off into the sunset with a new partner, we often see the evidence of their social media pictures of romantic dinners, exotic holidays and sharing time with family and friends. Naturally, we are agonised about losing these things with this person. Absolutely there are ways they are different with different partners — but it has NOTHING to do with their new relationships being wholesome, happy and successful. In fact, there are only 6 weeks to go! To celebrate the release of my book, myself and the MTE team will be hosting a 6-Weeks To Launch party, where we will be releasing a ton of healing resources for you over the next 6 weeks!
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Nothing enjoyable for the Narcissist in Old Supply who has become suspicious, confrontational, depressed, perhaps, self medicating to ease the pain of being with the Narcissist. If you 'like' us, we'll LOVE you! Flirting is a fun thing for adults to do, but narcissists use flirting as a tool to get what they. Narcissists typically seem arrogant, grandiose, manipulative, entitled, and lacking in empathy.

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