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Red head tapajos for sale

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Adults develop vivid red to orange head coloration as they reach maturity! It is regarded as one of the smallest and most colorful "earth-eating" species. Gravel and other larger substrates can damage the gills and organs of this fish as it feeds. Due to its digging behavior and occasional appetite for soft-leaved plants, it might not be compatible with some more delicate plants.
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Geophagus Red Head Tapajos

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Geophagus Red Head Tapajo – Imperial Tropicals

For sale are captive bred, unsexed Geophagus Red Head Tapajos. One of the smaller Geophagus; these max out around 6" in size. The Red Head is considered a rare gem in the hobby. It has gold to green patterns on their body and gold-green to orange-red marking on their near translucent fins. They have a black spot on each side of their body. These "eartheaters" are generally peaceful. They can be place with most any other tank mate and thrive in a community tank.
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Geophagus Red Head Tapajos Fish

They will add intense red coloration and a bit of bling to any aquarium. Tapajos is only found in the Rio Tapajos in the Amazon River. Tapajos will continuously sift through sand in search of food and burrow through substrates.
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This South American earth Geo eating Phagus cichlid is a house favorite here at the Fish Inn, with its bright red stripes though it's finage and elegant trailers it is just spectacular to watch. As they glide thought the tank, sifting through the sand their colors become more vibrant with the big black spot on their side and brilliant red color to the face they are unmistakable. Growing to roughly 6 inches they need lots room. They will move the sand around them and they will become floaters.

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