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Can immature eggs mature after retrieval

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On both occasions 8 eggs were collected but all were immature, despite a modified protocol on the second occasion. Is In-vitro maturation likely to improve her chances? Many thanks,. Nevertheless the lady got pregnant already
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Retrieval of immature eggs - IVF-Worldwide

Nothing could be further from the truth. More often than not, it can be attributable to the use of an unsuitable protocol for ovarian stimulation , especially in cases of advanced maternal age, diminished ovarian reserve and in cases of polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS. The purpose of meiosis is to halve the total number of chromosomes from 46 the normal human genomic number to 23 by expelling them in a membranous envelopment known as the 1st polar body PB The PB-1 soon undergoes degeneration and, within a few days of meiosis having been completed, disintegrates and absorbs completely. In this form, the immature egg is incapable of propagating a healthy embryo see below. In order to be capable of fertilizing an egg, the sperm must likewise undergo meiosis, the purpose of which is to reduce its chromosome number from 46 to
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What Happens in the IVF Lab After My Egg Retrieval?

From the time you walk through our doors, you are greeted with a great administrative and financial staff, medical assistants, nurses and doctors, but unfortunately you often never get to meet the embryologists. So in turn, many questions can arise on exactly how our IVF lab functions, especially what happens to your eggs and sperm after they are collected. The day prior to your retrieval, the lab is busy carving dishes, making media, filling out appropriate paperwork, and finding an incubator for your embryos for the next 6 days. This is done for each and every individual patient who has an egg retrieval. While you are having this procedure done, the sperm is being prepped in our Andrology lab.
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We use a microscope to identify the eggs which are surrounded by a cloud of cells called cumulus from the fluid the doctor collects from your follicles. We then wash the eggs and place them in the incubator in a culture medium which is designed to give them the nutrients they need until we are ready to inseminate the eggs the same afternoon. After your egg collection a member of our laboratory team will come and see you and confirm with you the number of eggs we collected, the quality of the semen sample and the insemination method we intend to use IVF, ICSI or IMSI to fertilise your eggs. Before your treatment starts, your semen will have been analysed. We want to ensure that you get the very best chance of a successful outcome from your treatment cycle.

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