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Everything else around it is busy work that leads up to an expected conclusion. However, there are bits of humor sprinkled about that hint at an edgier screenplay, one longing to be more self-aware of conventions—had screenwriter Nick Gordon been more ambitious—regarding cops, robbers, and the unlucky regular folks who happen to get caught in the middle of the crossfire. It has the potential to turn into a more potent action film with a heart. It proves capable when a boy and a thief make a genuine connection concerning what it takes to stand up against bullies. Directed by Steven C. We are supposed to care about the couple eventually but the screenplay by Joanna Hogg, who also directed the picture, provides no compelling reason why the participants are worth following—together or apart.
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The Virginity Hit - Trailer #1 [VO|HD]

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The Virginity Hit – Franz Patrick's Film Archive

W ritten and directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, The Virginity Hit hilariously chronicles the missteps and triumphs—and everything in between—of four teenage guys in their efforts to get laid for the first time. Matt Matt Bennett , the last of the boys to lose his virginity and on whose quest the film is largely centered, is a nerdy, good-hearted kid whose girlfriend of two years gets a little too drunk at a party and messes around with a college guy, sending Matt careening down a slippery slope of insecurity and self-doubt—the quick fix for which is apparently seeking ass from a series of unlikely sources. The difference between The Virginity Hit and, say, the exceedingly lame American Pie franchise, is the use of a formal storytelling device involving the constant production—and, for the audience, the perpetual viewing—of YouTube videos, a gimmick which legitimizes this trite and over-trod story terrain, upping the ante from slick Hollywood buddy comedy and moving into the territory of meta-fictional commentary. The banality of the actual story becomes more abstractly relevant in the context of a culture obsessed with self-documentation. It may be self-indulgent to post a video on YouTube of your friends partying together, but if you post enough of them, something emerges which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Virginity Hit

Teens on a quest to lose their virginity: Hoping to distinguish itself from the faceless menagerie of straight-to-DVD American Pie and National Lampoon knock-offs, the Adam McKay and Will Ferrell-produced The Virginity Hit opts for a very au courant take on the YouTube generation or whatever you want to call it , telling the mockumentary-style story of a bunch of friends who rally around the cause of getting their nerdy virgin pal laid by taping the whole thing, then sharing his constant string of humiliations with the Internet, as good friends so often do. As you can see from this extended red-band trailer translation:

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