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What does pebd stand for in the army

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The U. Army uses a soldier's "pay entry basic date" PEBD to determine creditable service periods, which it uses to determine your eligibility for pay and benefits. It is essentially the day you first came on duty, minus any breaks in service, from which they count how long you've served. The Navy and Marines call it "pay entry base date," the Air Force simply calls it "pay date," and the Defense Department uses the general term "basic pay date. Compute initial basic pay date.
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Posted on Apr 27, Is your BASD adjusted if you've had a break in service? CW2 Join to see. From my understanding BASD is used for calculating your time towards retirement. I had an 11 month break in service and my unit adjusted my BASD by moving my date to the right 11 months. Was this done properly?

What is BASD in the U.S. Army?

If you've ever faced a deployment , you know one of the first things you'll be told to do for family readiness is to get a copy of your spouse's Leave and Earnings Statement LES -- and to make sense of it. Even if a deployment isn't on your horizon, it's good to be familiar with the LES. We've heard horror stories about spouses learning their husbands turned down SGLI , and others for whom extra pay was surprise! Quite literally, it pays to know your way around an LES. Here's our line-by-line guide to making sense of one.
While many soldiers ignore this number, you should always be conscious of your BASD because it can affect other things like retirement. Army, keep reading. Some people assume that BASD changes, decreasing as you get closer to retirement. So, regardless of when a soldier is planning to retire or allowed to retire , his or her BASD will never change. If BASD is only a date, conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that it has little-to-no impact on your service.

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