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How to make a scottish accent

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No, actually! First, there was Gaelic, the ancient language of the Celts. In around there was a geographic shift, and Gaelic became mostly confined to the Highlands; whilst in the Lowlands, a different language began to develop distinct from Gaelic — Scots! No, still not quite Scottish English… In the Lowlands, Scots mixed with Standard English both mutually influencing each other , and in the 18th century, Scottish English was born! Scottish English can best be summed up as being an accent that is the perfect combination of Gaelic roots, Scots phonology and an English lexicon. Another distinctive feature is the glottal stop — the blocking of the airway to pronounce the letter T though, in Scottish English the letter T seems to be swallowed by the glottal stop entirely.
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How to Talk with a Scottish Accent

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How to do a Credible Scottish Accent -

Aye, it's bin botherin' me fer a gud time, now One o' them thoughts yeh jus' canna git out of yeh'r head, yeh ken? Oh, aye, yeh can push it away for a wee bit, but it'll find yeh agin, sure 'nuff. Yeh can try tae find an outlet, drain it out altogether, but yeh canna drain so fast tha' there's no more left, tha' it doesna grow agin an stay in yeh. But sometimes, if yeh speak it tae someone involved, or someone who'd unnerstand, then yeh can at least make it tame, an' somethin' yeh can live with. That's where ah be needin' yehr help, lad. Yeh fit both the criteria, yeh see, or so ah think.
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The School of British Accents — Learn The Scottish Accent

September 10, References. The Scottish accent is a fun, but difficult accent to do properly. However, with some practice and self-confidence, you can start mimicking your favorite Scottish accents!
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How to Talk with a Scottish Accent. Polls reveal that people believe those with Scottish accents are trustworthy and honest. It also sounds pretty cool.

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